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Welcome to 25th Hour Organizing! October 2, 2007

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Welcome! Finally, I have gotten around to starting a blog for 25th Hour. It has long been on my list of “to-do’s” and now I can finally cross it off as done—except for regular updates, that is! I was asked recently by a dear friend just what tool or tools I used to stay organized. My answer was Microsoft Outlook. I love Outlook, and I use nearly every facet of it, from Notes to Tasks – I even have multiple Calendars and several different Contacts folders. My husband even knows to go and look on my personal calendar before scheduling anything important. I keep everything from doctor’s appointments to client consults in it, and I keep it up to date at all times. Two weeks before a family member’s birthday I receive a ‘reminder’ so that I can get together a card, a present or prepare a special dinner for them. In my Tasks, I have recurring reminders for everything from sending out monthly invoices to C’s Cleaning Services housecleaning clients to checking the tire pressure in our vehicles monthly and even applying flea medication to our household pets. I have customized my Contacts folders to list my client’s Customer ID and how long they have been a client and with which company (since I currently operate two businesses, 25th Hour Organizing and C’s Cleaning Services out of my home). I have customized Categories of appointments in my Calendar to reflect if it is a personal appointment, a local event, doctor’s visit, CCS business, or 25th Hour business. I have my own personal Calendar, and I also have a calendar for each staff member with CCS, and for now, a single Calendar for 25th Hour staff. Those are just a few of the uses I have for Microsoft Outlook. If you are still scribbling away on notes or have a battered old address book full of white-out and crossed-out names, you might consider trying an electronic format instead.