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Marketing, Marketing and More Marketing August 30, 2008

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Oh the tangled web of roads I am walking!

I set out today to ‘do some marketing’ for “GOSO” and had in mind to call all the community education departments in the KC Metro area and ‘sell’ the “GOSO” class to any and all.

This is easier said than done. I first had to come up with a list of cities off the top of my head. Then I had to find out who to talk to. Some are located through the Parks & Recreation departments, some through the school districts, still others through the city proper. Finding numbers and names is not easy.

Then I made the calls or sent emails if no number were handy. Multiple phone numbers, different names for different departments, referrals to other names and departments.

And along the way I’m thinking of new avenues…”I’m already with Truman Medical Center, but what about the other hospitals in the area?” Children’s Mercy (I’ve sent them an email), Olathe Health Center (I called and left a message), and then back to the community education departments.

Parkville has theirs through the YMCA which made me think of the YMCA as a whole – there are lots of those locations through the area! So when I called the Parkville YMCA I asked the woman for the number of the main YMCA and left a voicemail for someone there.

Part of me feels like I’m running in circles and part of me feels like I’ve run a marathon. Despite it being the Friday before Labor Day I’ve reached a ton of people and gotten some very positive responses.

Take the City of Olathe for example. Somehow I managed to reach the person in charge of classes for the city employees. She graciously gave me the contact info for the Parks & Rec side of things as well, but expressed interest in hosting my class at City Hall and wondered if a place that seated 100 would have room enough. Oh dear lord. I’ve found heaven.

A few emails exchanged and she wanted to know what kind of money I was looking for, and if the city bought the books would I give any kind of discounts. Umm, yeah, sure, I can do that! My mind’s eye is now filled with the vision of speaking before hundreds of attendees and selling so many books that I need to order reprints. Oh, heck yes!


I’m Just A Geek August 27, 2008

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A big ‘thank you’ to our family member who works with Microsoft! He sent us Office 2007 and Visio for FREE. And wow, but they are both fantastic programs.

We recently installed both of them on our home computers.

Wow! I’m quite impressed.

In particular, OneNote (part of Office 2007) has really captured my attention. It’s fantastic for taking notes and also clipping pictures and video from everywhere and placing them in a note document.

I thought immediately of my organizing clients, one in particular, who keep stacks of notebooks filled with notes. There is no rhyme or reason to the notes, so each page must be gone through (we did this one day when looking for a phone number which we never did find).

Although I doubt that I can convince L.L. to give up her notebooks and turn to the computer for her organizing needs (she’s a steadfast Luddite), I hope I can convince some of you, my loyal readers!

I’ve just spent about a half hour going through some of the capabilities of OneNote and have made a commitment to familiarize myself with the rest of this program and start using it. There are way too many times when I still pull out a notebook, write some notes down during a ‘power meeting’ with my spouse and then set it down. It gets covered up, nicked by the toddler, or ends up with coffee spilled on it (okay, well that is a very rare occurrence). In the end, it is not where I need it to be, has to be located and then transferred to the computer and incorporated into whatever file or sections I need to put it in.

OneNote has only one limiting factor – the need for a computer or PC tablet to work with. In the realm of portability, a hand-written notebook is still the ultimate end all. But if you have a notebook computer, or this vaunted PC tablet (I really need to find out more about them) then why even carry a paper notebook any longer?

…seconds later…

Oh man, do I ever want a HP Tablet PC!

Oh wow…

Sorry everyone, I have to go get my geek on…


“Get Organized, Stay Organized” Is In Print! August 22, 2008

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I’ve had my book, “Get Organized, Stay Organized” for three days and just realized I hadn’t posted it on my blog. For shame, Christine! So here is a picture of the cover: It took six weeks to write and four more to edit. Two weeks waiting for ISBN’s, a bar code, and getting a photo for ‘About the Author’ (Thank you, Christie), three weeks with the printers and Voila! Finished product! They came on a huge pallet from the printers in Kansas. My mom was by that afternoon on Wednesday and picked up her free book. She called today and said she had been reading it and really liked an excerpt out of the introduction. I will reproduce it here… “I realized as I was preparing this book for publication, that I am finally living my dreams. By writing this book, teaching the classes and operating 25th Hour Organizing – I am actively engaged in ‘speaking to my strengths.’ That’s an important thing to do – speak to your strengths. Build and expand on your good habits, exploit your abilities and push yourself to do something more with your life each and every day. It will make you an effective person and eventually a very happy individual. Belief in ourselves, in our endless potential, is what makes us special. It also makes us stronger.” Now I realize that doesn’t have any sage organizing advice. And I remember typing it and thinking, “this is kind of off-topic” but I couldn’t help myself. Because I believe it so deeply. Every day I challenge myself to do something new and different. That doesn’t mean I’ll be climbing Mount Everest anytime soon – but it does mean that I’ll be writing more books – whether or not this one is a bestseller. * I’ll write about parenting and relationships. * I’ll finish writing that fictional story, War’s End that I’ve been working on for way too long. * I’ll write about starting my own businesses and encouraging others to change their lives. * I’ll write about how we made my husband’s dream of a brewery a reality. * I’ll write about anything and everything I can think of that might inspire and help someone else. I’ll write, because I know I can. Because I have proven it can be accomplished and I have something to say. And for now, that is enough for me. p.s. Buy my book! You’ll like it, I promise, and it will help us afford that loan to start the brewery even sooner!