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The Power of Suggestion October 28, 2008

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I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain recently. My back has been injured several times in falls, and I experience regular flare-ups of pain.

I also haven’t had a chance to sit and write much of anything recently. Some people go to church, some people meditate…me, I write. It smoothes over the bumps of life, centers me, and after a few weeks of little or no writing I begin to feel like I have ants crawling under my skin and I get so down and depressed!

Last night I was in a great deal of pain. It crawled up my back and attacked, sending stabs of pain behind my eyes. With a class to teach and other work to be done, I was dreading a long sleepless night full of tossing and turning.

I thought about the ‘power of suggestion’ and said to myself silently, “I am going to fall asleep now and dream good dreams. When I wake up in the morning I will be pain-free and feel fabulous and ready to put the finishing touches on tomorrow’s class program and even get a little bit of writing done. Tomorrow will go smoothly and I will feel wonderful!”

The day is not done yet. But so far I have been completely pain free and I’m actually feeling pretty darn good. As I put the finishing touches on the class program I thought to myself, “I ROCK!”

And that is the reason for this post.

How often do you look at your desk or a room in your house and feel hopeless, depressed, or intimidated? The paper or clutter is everywhere and all you can think of is, “I’ll never get this cleaned up!” And so the clutter stays and grows and spreads.

Change it around. Shake up your world. Tell yourself, “Today is different. Today I will take a huge step towards being organized. I will tackle [fill in the blank] and it WILL improve. I can do this, ’cause after all, I ROCK!”

Just try it.

‘Cause you do.

Rock, that is.


Organized Weight Loss – Part II October 17, 2008

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So it’s been about four weeks and I am pleased to report that I’ve lost 4.5 pounds!

On a trip to Denver to attend the GABF (Great American Beer Festival) with my husband I picked up a couple of books — “Skinny Bitch” and “Skinny Bitch in the Kitch” — I’m around halfway through “Skinny Bitch” right now. I like their sense of humor and straight talk and appreciate the way the information is laid out. Their reports of how meat processing plants and the ingredients in ‘diet’ and ‘organic’ foods are pretty stomach-turning, and I can see why many readers might go all vegan as a result.

I’m not quite there yet. I am willing to cut down on my meat intake, but not eradicate it quite yet – even with those horror stories I read. But we are making the switch to brown rice and whole-wheat pastas. I bought soy milk and actually had cereal with soy milk for the first time in my life. It didn’t taste bad at all. I will admit it was a bit watery, but it was better tasting than skim milk by leaps and bounds, slightly sweeter than milk. After reading the chapter “Dairy Disaster” I was more than willing to switch to soy. I even tested it out on my toddler and she seemed to really like the taste – so no more cow’s milk for her!

When viewing the ‘daily report’ on MyFoodDiary.com – just having finished lunch – I have so far earned all smiley faces, here is what it says:

*Exercise! You burned 314 calories.

*A high-fiber breakfast can help you lose weight and reduce your risk for heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

*You have eaten fiber-rich foods. This is a good indicator of a healthy diet.

*Saturated fats only accounted for 4.7% of your calories. Good job staying below the 9% limit!

*You consumed 11176 IU of vitamin A. This is 373% of the recommended daily value for women.

*You deserve another smiley face for having no frowns. Great job!

And I still have nearly 1,000 calories left ‘in the bank’ for today.

You know, in about six months I am going to be looking AMAZING. I’m so excited!


Organized Weight Loss October 3, 2008

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In my book “Get Organized, Stay Organized” I cover some advanced organizational techniques such as money management. Part of being organized is knowing how much money is going in (and going out!)of your bank account.

Think of weight loss in the same fashion. You need to have some level of organization involved.

I found a great site – http://www.myfooddiary.com and signed up two weeks ago. The procedure is simple, set up your goals (I want to weigh in at 165)take some basic measurements and log your beginning weight, and then log any food or exercise. For $9 a month, the site can calculate how many calories you are consuming, how many calories you ‘gain’ by exercising, and give you a countdown of how many calories you have left to consume in any given day.

Just as with MS Money or Quicken, this little site offers you the basic checks and balances. Want to lose weight? Stay within the guidelines and log everything honestly and thoroughly. The program suggests that you lose NO MORE than 1.2 pounds per week. I weighed in yesterday with a four pound loss for two weeks of faithful recording.

Logging my food intake has made me painfully aware of just how much calories some foods can pack. I’ve given up my morning cuppa joe and cut back on snacking. More importantly, I’m eating healthier foods as a result. Tonight’s dessert consisted of 1 cup of sliced strawberries sprinkled with 1 teaspoon of sugar – a whopping 64 calorie dessert! Take that Weight Watchers!

For those of you who have browsed my website, you will also know that I do housecleaning on the side. I was pleased to find a choice under my exercise log: light, moderate, or heavy household chores. I err on the side of caution and log it as ‘light’ – but some days I am doing ‘light household chores’ for five or more hours and that adds up quick! I have learned to save my trips to the fast food joints for those days when I’m expending 600 extra calories in exercise. This means I can eat a Big Mac AND have a decent size dinner. Weekends tend to be lighter fare, which is something I am still struggling with.

So if you are planning on some fancy new diet – I recommend joining http://www.myfooddiary.com or a similar site and start losing the weight – the organized way!