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Organized Exercise January 11, 2011

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This post comes to you straight from my treadmill – in fact I’m typing as I walk a steady 2.3 mph.

It’s the beginning of the year and how many of us have vowed to get in shape, lose those love handles, and start eating healthier? Plenty, I’m sure, including me.

A couple of weeks ago I was walking on the treadmill, contemplating my “to-do’s” and itching to get started on them. Instead, I found myself frustrated and desperate to be done with “this whole exercise thing.”

That’s when a very clear vision hit – I had seen it months ago on Instructables.com, where someone had added a keyboard table to their treadmill. I looked at the setup and I could see it – laptop sitting to the side of the treadmill on the chest freezer, external keyboard and mouse on the ‘table’ that would rest on the treadmill handlebars, and the external monitor hanging at eye level on the wall.

It was perfect. I also knew it would help me cut down on my inefficiency when sitting at the computer (I tend to go on tangents, check Facebook and the newsfeeds obsessively) and, the best yet, I could increase my blog posts. Now that I have twelve different blogs to maintain, I need all the help, and the time I can find!

My wonderful, attentive and supportive husband (Hi sweetheart, happy birthday!) was kind enough to humor me and the setup is in place. My aching wrists and fingers have informed me that the keyboard table will need to be raised by 6-8 inches to be more ergonomically viable, but other than that, life is perfect. (Update 1/27/11 – done and this is the new picture at top)

This is day two of my exercise regimen and I just looked down at the clock to realize, to my dismay, that I must finish this post in less than six minutes. I’ve been walking, and researching, and surfing, and blogging for over 54 minutes now!

So the setup is not difficult. Use an old computer that takes time to boot up, or use a laptop that has a wireless connection to the internet. I highly recommend that you have at the very least a external keyboard and mouse. The laptop could sit on a shelf above the treadmill on a wall, but trying to just use the built-in keyboard could be problematic.

My treadmill is here in the basement, near our washer and dryer. I placed all of my workout clothes here on top of the dryer, shirts in one pile, pants in another, with the workout socks in between. My tennis shoes sit here next to the treadmill.

In the morning, at the ungodly hour of 5 am, you will find me here. I get up out of bed, do a weigh-in, come downstairs and pull on my work out clothes and get to exercising and surfing and writing.

When my hour is up I pull off the clothes, add them to the pile waiting to be cleaned, and often start a load, transfer the clothes over or even take a dryer full of clean clothes up to be sorted and folded and put away.

In other words, in one hour I manage to:

  • Get my daily dose of entertainment
  • Post in my blogs and lurk on Facebook
  • Research stuff (I was looking up MYO lip balm recipes today)
  • Exercise for a full HOUR, which currently burns in excess of 450 calories
  • Get the laundry done

How awesome is that?

I’m now at 65 minutes of exercise, so I’ll close with pictures of my setup. Happy Organizing!

Here was the original setup my husband cobbled together for me…


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